Staying In Burj Khalifa For A Night & How Much It Costs


The epitome of modern luxury in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is undeniably the crowning glory of not just the city, but all the emirates. Piercing the sky at 200 floors and over 2,500 ft, the world’s tallest building is the cynosure of all eyes in Dubai. Gazing at this architectural marvel from down below is an experience in itself, as is an evening spent on one of its observation decks. But would you fancy spending a night or two in this iconic building?

So, can you stay inside the Burj Khalifa?

Yes, you can! But it’ll come at a price, and a hefty one at that. The most popular option for visitors is the Armani Hotel Dubai, which occupies about 15 floors of the building. The other is to rent out one of the 900 studios or apartments for visits that amount to atleast a year

1. Armani Hotel Dubai

Image via CNN

Designed by Giorgio Armani himself, this hotel’s address says it all. The understated, classic interiors are testimony to the designer’s signature style, but the amenities and luxurious comforts speak otherwise – two restaurants, a personal butler, a luxurious spa, Armani toiletries and monogrammed bathrobes, and a nightclub. Guests can choose from individual rooms to lavishly decked-out suites, or the Armani Residences if you plan to stay for a longer duration.

2. Apartment Rentals


There are almost 900 residences covering 90 floors of the Burj Khalifa, collectively called The Residence in Burj. Not everyone who owns a home here resides in it, so you’ll find a handful of property websites like, and with rental options for these apartments. The rental option is a much better bet if you intend to stay in Dubai for a long period. The prices depend heavily on the views, furnishings, area and the floor. 

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